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The Development of a Design and Construction Process Protocol to Support the Home Modification Process Delivered by Occupational Therapists

Table 2

Example of responses for the main phases of the OTIPM [38].

Main phase of the OTIPM [38]Direct quote taken from different respondents

Assessment and goal setting“Assessing with the person what their needs are in relation to home environment” (R2)
“My role firstly involves an OT assessment which takes into account the goals of the individual as regards achieving the best bathroom facility for them and/or their care requirements” (R48)
“Carry out an assessment of need, and if the assessed need results in the provision of a bathroom adaptation, would proceed to the next phase of the adaptation process” (R63)

Intervention planning“I work with the client and technician to agree on the best possible layout to meet a person’s long-term needs. This is a joint agreement with client OT, technician and builders all giving input. However, it is my role to advice on installations that may be beneficial and that the client is not aware of existing” (R3)
“Following a functional assessment of needs, my role is to design and plan the layout and facilities in the bathroom to meet the individual’s current to long-term needs” (R14)
“Using a plan see if intended adaptation fits exploring options, i.e., shape dimensions how the client intends to use it” (R42)

Intervention implementation“Remaining available through alterations, for site visits and answering questions as and when they arise” (R10)
“Communicating any special needs (e.g. re dust inhalation) to surveyor/contractor” (R56)
“Availability for consultation during the building work” (R72)

Reevaluation“When work completed to ensure modifications are safe for client, that the work specified has been completed to a high standard and to ensure client completely happy. If not, to assist client to ensure all changes are made to ensure clients safety and ability to enjoy their new facility. Finally, there is a key role in evaluating the provision with the client and or care staff” (R6)
“Visiting tenant once work completed to check suitability, demonstrate use of shower and other equipment and to check the adaptations meet the need” (R24)