Journal of Aging Research / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

The Development of a Design and Construction Process Protocol to Support the Home Modification Process Delivered by Occupational Therapists

Table 3

Example responses for each of the subphases of the home modification process.

SubphaseExample of responses

Demonstrate an occupational need within the person-centred performance context“Identifying what problems exist and either what the relevant parties wish to achieve or providing information of what can be achieved (within public funding but with acknowledgement of what is available outside of public funding)” (R83)

Conceptualise the occupation need as identified by the person“A thorough understanding of persons aspirations and their needs/wishes” (R6)

Conduct an occupational performance analysis to identify the person(s) PET requirements“Do an initial assessment of the person and their environment looking at their functional ability and/or the needs of their carer” (R46)

Develop collaborative goal(s) and identify person, environment, and task (PET) requirements for the home modification“Following the assessment OT recommendations discussed with the person” (R72)

Conduct substantive feasibility study for achieving the PET requirement (including funding route)“I work with the client and technician to agree on the best possible layout to meet a person’s long-term needs. This is a joint agreement with client OT, technician and builders all giving input. However, it is my role to advice on installations that may be beneficial and that the client is not aware of existing” (R3)

Obtain agreement on the full detailed design of the home modification“Approval from service user then written options proposal, specification and CAD diagrams” (R8)

Coordinate and support procurement of the occupation-focused home modification“Referral to District Council or RSL for DFG/minor works funding” (R100)

Construct the occupation-focused home modification“Once work is on site, deal with any queries regarding change of layout due to unforeseen problems” (R57)

Conduct site visit to check the operation and maintenance of the occupational-focused home modification“When work completed to ensure modifications are safe for client, that the work specified has been completed to a high standard and to ensure client completely happy. If not, to assist client to ensure all changes are made to ensure clients safety and ability to enjoy their new facility” (R6)