Journal of Aging Research / 2018 / Article / Tab 9

Research Article

The Development of a Design and Construction Process Protocol to Support the Home Modification Process Delivered by Occupational Therapists

Table 9

Subphase 4 of home modification process protocol.

Intervention planning phaseSubphase 4

DescriptionConduct a substantive feasibility study for achieving the PET requirements (including funding route)

Key questionsWhat design options are there for meeting the PET requirements?
What other factors in the person’s occupational context will affect the choice of design solutions?
Does the design proposal meet the PET requirements outlined in subphase 3?
Should a home modification approach be taken?

ActionsIdentify that the design has addressed all the requirements identified in subphase 3
Identify that the design meets any other occupational performance context requirements
Identify any practice setting contextual issues that will influence the person(s) choice of design solution
Identify any potential built environment issues, in the existing space, that will impact on the PET requirements being accommodated
Identify funding requirements for the home modification

OutcomesProfessional reasoning on the modification design solution process
Document any issues related to the practice setting or built environment that prevent the optimum design solution being provided
The specification related to space, space layout, and tools documented