Review Article

Osteoarthritis, Exercise, and Tissue Engineering: A Stimulating Triad for Health Professionals

Table 1

Top facts related to OA.

(i) Disability due to musculoskeletal disorders increased by 45% from 1990 to 2010 [31]
(ii) OA is the fastest increasing health condition, affecting over 250 million people worldwide [32]
(iii) It is not exclusive for the elderly: more than 50% of adults with knee OA are under 65 [30]
(iv) Two out of three people with obesity are at risk for developing knee OA in their lifetime [33]
(v) Knee OA is the 11th leading cause of disability and shows a growing trend [34]
(vi) People with OA have a 16% increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to those without [35]