Table 1: Land use forms in the closest vicinity of (660 m radius) the PMR stations in Gdańsk (at the end of July 2017.

StationDominating housing development typeDominating land-use forms – housing and housing-services (ha)Dominating supra-local service or industrial functionsElements integrating the station with other modes of transport

Strzyżamixed with a domination of single-house39university campus, tram depot, shopping centre, sports centre, car showrooms,tram stop at the depot and a regular tram stop

Niedźwiednikmulti-house28asylum, cemetery, non-public schoolsbus stop

Brętowomixed40terminal tram stop and a bus stop

Jasieńmulti-house14terminal bus stop, car park

Kiełpinekmixed with a domination of multi-house17shopping centreterminal bus stop, car park

Matarniamulti-house11service and industrial companiesbus stop, car park

Port Lotniczyscattered single-house3office buildings, hotelairport, terminal bus stop

Rębiechowoscattered single-house3arable lands

Source: own elaboration based on the GIS analysis and fieldwork.