Function  TS_BL(LS_LW, Perb_LW, LS_BL)
s0Initialization; Tuba=;
ss0; ss0; ConsIter_TS≔0;
while  ConsIter_TS<=MaxConsIter_TS  do
   N(s) ≔ LocalSearch(s, LS_BL);(N(s) consists of all feasible neighbor solutions
obtained by applying the three local search moves).
  Select a solution in the set N(s) that minimizes TS(s), and the solution is either a
non-tabu solution or a solution better than the best one so far (i.e., TC()<TC(s)),
and update the tabu.
sILS_LM(, LS_LM, Perb_LM);
  if TC(s)<TC(s),then
   ConsIter_TS≔ ConsIter_TS+1;
Return  s

Algorithm 4: TS for bi-level model.