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Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Passenger Transport

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Transport is a significant part of the overall costs of enterprises and is an integral part of the world economy. By optimizing transport activities in each mode of passenger transport, it is possible to determine the production capacities of enterprises as well as the better satisfaction of customer requirements more efficiently. Transport innovations can also help to conserve greater amount of natural resources and contribute to solving environmental issues.

The demand for freight transport every year increases significantly. One of the solutions, how make transport processes efficiently, is to use innovative and smart transport technologies.

Using innovative and smart technologies within passenger transport is new idea that has been trying to moderate all aspects of functionality. One of the main goals for the future development of transport is represented by smart transport networks.

Innovative and smart technologies for transport need to be developed on the route with high passenger transport intensity. There are two main challenges: (1) organization and (2) technology. Organization is initial step to make feasibility. It means right cornerstone for new challenges. Technology represents individual methods and procedures of how to optimize transport processes.

For a successful transport process optimization and its consequent execution, it is necessary to define individual activities needed to carry out the entire process. Activities can be divided into individual levels, whereby the better orientation in the process can be achieved.

The current problem is to solve the sustainability of technological developments in assuring the quality of life for future generations. Trend of innovative and smart technologies does not eliminate transport and its processes from the problematic of sustainability. The question of these days is whether the introduction of innovative and smart technologies can also guarantee the sustainability of transport processes for the future.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Operations research application within transport processes
  • Innovative optimization methods within transport processes (ant colony algorithm, evolutionary optimization, genetic algorithms, etc.)
  • Innovative information systems and smart technologies application within transport processes
  • Innovative automotive engineering and transport construction
  • Innovative public transport planning and scheduling
  • Measures of tariff policy in transport
  • Measures for the reduction of risks in passenger transport, risk assessment, and mitigation
  • Measures for increasing the transport services quality
  • Innovative environmental research in passenger transport (energy saving vehicle design, etc.)
  • Innovative transport infrastructure maintenance, management, and optimization
  • Innovative passengers transport terminals management and fleets management

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