Research Article

Genome Sizes in Hepatica Mill: (Ranunculaceae) Show a Loss of DNA, Not a Gain, in Polyploids

Table 2

Natural and artificial hybrids of Hepatica Mill. with their nuclear DNA content in pg, standard deviation calculated amount of nuclear DNA (see text), % DNA loss, ploidy, and cultivar name.

Hepatica hybrids2C DNASt. dev.2C DNA% DNA lossPloidy based on 2 -valueCultivar name
in pgin pgor gain
measuredCalculated from parents

H. americana ssp. acuta H. nobilis 32.50.533.9 3.52 Schlyter'
H. maxima x H. nobilis32.50.133.9 3.52 Frances'
H. nobilis transsilvanica ( media Simonk.)43.71.343.22.63 Ballardii'
H. nobilis H. transsilvanica (H. media Si`monk.)44.143.23 Buis'
H. nobilis transsilvanica (H. media Simonk.)45.243.23 Marmorata'
H. americana H. transsilvanica44.21.944.4 0.53 Millstream Merlin'
H. asiatica ssp. japonica H. transsilvanica 47.10.445.04.73 Prof. F. Hildebrand'
H. transsilvanica H. pubescens (as “Tenjinbai”)59.91.662.1 3.14 Röttgersbüttler Röschen'
H. transsilvanica H. pubescens (as “Tenjinbai”)59.062.14 Weinreichs Weisse'
H. transsilvanica H. pubescens61.762.14 Prof. F. Hildebrand'
H. transsilvanica H. yamatutae54.82.056.2 2.54 Harvington Beauty'
H. transsilvanica H. yamatutae55.11.956.2 2.04 NT4'
H. transsilvanica Fuss54.22.5 *58.9 8.04 data from Table 1
H. henryi (Oliv.) Steward53.02.9 **62.2 14.84 data from Table 1
H. yamatutae Nakai58.32.1 **62.2 6.34 data from Table 1
H. asiatica ssp. pubescens 70.02.971.6 2.34 data from Table 1
H. asiatica ssp. pubescens “Tenjinbai” 79.90.489.5 10.75 data from Table 1

*calculated with H. falconeri H. nobilis as parents. **calculated with H. falconeri H. asiatica as parents