Table 3: Subsequent chronic diseases in men and women.

Cancer survivorsNon-cancer patients 𝑃 -valueHR2 (95% CI)
𝑁 Inc1 𝑁 Inc1

Ten most common subsequent diseases in cancer patients
 Diabetes mellitus13313.4658914.790.310.910.751.09
 Venous thrombosis
  Baseline—2 years459.27402.
  2 years—end of follow-up203.10582.110.151.450.872.41
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease958.813788.560.971.000.801.25
 Heart failureδ948.313808.280.800.970.771.22
 Stroke/cerebrovascular accident928.274359.810.080.820.651.03
 Ischemic heart disease without anginaβ716.763087.170.500.920.711.19
 Ischemic heart disease with angina656.292947.030.360.880.671.15
 Osteoarthrosis hip666.052686.110.951.010.771.32
Significant differences between cancer and non-cancer patients3
 Hypertension with organ damage413.672505.550.010.660.480.92
 Lipid disorders
  Baseline—2 years163.661297.620.010.490.290.82
  2 years—end of follow-up315.271717.080.160.760.521.11
 Benign prostatic hypertrophy275.0522310.870.000.460.310.69

1Inc: incidence per 1000 person years at risk.
2HR: hazard ratio adjusted for sex, age, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and diabetes.
3Please see Table 3 in the Supplementary Material on the journal website for all other diseases.
Adjusted for age as time-varying coefficient.
δAdjusted for sex and age as time-varying coefficient.
βAdjusted for cardiovascular diseases as time-varying coefficient.