Journal of Cancer Epidemiology / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Cancer Incidence and Mortality in a Cohort of US Blood Donors: A 20-Year Study

Table 3

Standardized incidence ratio (SIR) by sex and cancer site, allogeneic blood donors with more than one year of followup, Blood Centers of the Pacific, 1991–2009 ( = 54,982).

SIR 95% CI

 Oral cavity and pharynx1.190.921.52
 Male genital2.482.322.63
 Brain and nervous1.551.112.10
 Oral cavity and pharynx1.010.601.60
 Female genital1.501.321.70
 Brain and nervous1.591.052.31

SIR was calculated using nine SEER registries age-adjusted, sex-, and age-specific incidence rates for years 1992–2009.
Other includes: mesothelioma, Kaposi sarcoma, eye & orbit, bone, soft tissue, miscellaneous (SEER site recode ICD-O-3 definition).