Journal of Cancer Epidemiology / 2013 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Cancer Incidence and Mortality in a Cohort of US Blood Donors: A 20-Year Study

Table 4

Adjusted Cox proportional regression models for all-cause mortality, comparing donors and nondonors with cancer, by cancer site, Blood Centers of the Pacific and California Cancer Registry, 1991–2009 ( = 24,927).

DonorsNondonorsAdjusted HR* -value
(%)Mortality (%) (%)Mortality (%)

All cancer sites**4,805(100)27.120,122(100)45.00.70<0.001
 Followup < 5 years2,519(52.4)42.011,319(56.3)59.10.75<0.001
 Followup 5 years2,286(47.6)10.68,803(43.7)27.00.65<0.001
By cancer site
 Oral cavity and pharynx80(1.7)40.0322(1.6)52.80.660.05
 Female genital405(8.4)16.81,735(8.6)32.10.68<0.01
 Male genital1,025(21.3)14.25,010(24.9)39.30.57<0.001
 Brain and nervous117(2.4)47.9451(2.2)56.30.680.01

Adjusted models include age at diagnosis, sex, race, tumor metastasis, tumor stage and grade, and SES.
**Cox models are stratified by cancer site; that is, baseline hazard is adjusted by site.
Other includes mesothelioma, Kaposi sarcoma, eye and orbit, bone, soft tissue, and miscellaneous (SEER site recode ICD-O-3 definition).