Table 3: Comparison of female household representatives by knowledge of breast self-examination (n= 790).

Knowledge of BSE(n=201)No Knowledge of BSE (n= 589)P value

Age (median [IQR])34 31 p=0.01
Use of Cooking Fuel in Household
Wood181 (90.1%)529 (90.7%)p=0.99
Charcoal45 (22.3%)92 (15.8%)p=0.22
Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuel113 (56.2%)247 (42.4%)p=0.02
Kerosene36 (17.9%)102 (17.5%)p=0.89
Other2 (1.0%)2 (0.3%)p=0.38
Highest Education level achieved by any household memberp=0.03
No formal education3 (1.5%)22 (3.8%)
Primary31 (15.7%)134 (23.2%)
Secondary76 (38.4%)227 (39.3%)
Tertiary88 (44.4%)191 (33.1%)
Primary barrier to seeking Formal care
None69 (34.3%)220 (37.7%)p=0.25
Too Expensive42 (20.9%)104 (17.8%)p=0.15
Inaccessible (Too Far)5 (2.5%)38 (6.5%)p=0.05
Belief that treatment is ineffective1 (0.5%)13 (2.2%)p=0.11
Rude or Inattentive staff56 (27.9%)126 (21.6%)p=0.24
Preference for traditional medicine1 (0.5%)5 (0.9%)p=0.14
Preference for faith healing0 (0%)4 (0.7%)p=0.12
Other45 (22.4%)107 (18.4%)p=0.33
Transport used by household to seek formal care after Injuryp=0.02
Walking85 (42.5%)288 (50.7%)
Private car1 (0.5%)3 (0.5%)
Private Motorcycle0 (0%)4 (0.7%)
Taxi27 (13.5%)64 (11.3%)
Mototaxi84 (42.0%)209 (36.8%)
Bus3 (1.5%)0 (0%)
Primary spoken language in Household p=0.05
Pidgin English57 (28.5%)200 (34.7%)
English76 (38.0%)153 (26.5%)
French6 (3.0%)17 (3.0%)
Local dialect54 (27%)180 (31.2%)
Other7 (3.5%)27 (4.7%)
Primary spoken language used to communicate with health providers:
Pidgin English80 (39.8%)313 (53.7%)p=0.03
English143 (71.1%)363 (62.3%)p<0.01
French10 (5.0%)38 (6.5%)p=0.37
Local dialect4 (2.0%)20 (3.4%)p=0.70
Other2 (0.3%)1(0.5%)p=0.55

Note: BSE = breast self-examination. An asterisk () represents a p value of ≤ 0.05. Frequencies and percentages may not add up as a result of missing data.
Knowledge of BSE indicates that the study subject reported knowing how to perform BSE on herself.
All p value estimates were calculated using the adjusted Wald test and Pearson Chi Square test. The Wald test was adjusted for all variables in the data.