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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, S1, Pages S304-S310

Mixed Surfactant Template Method for Preparation of Nanometer Selenium

Zhi-Lin Li and Peng-Min Hua

College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Hebei University, Baoding-071002, China

Received 1 November 2008; Revised 6 January 2009; Accepted 20 March 2009

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Selenium nanoparticles have been synthesized in an aqueous solution by using sodium dodecyl sulfate and polyvinyl alcohol as a soft template. The factors on synthesis, such as reaction time, concentration of reactants and ultrasonic irradiation were studied. The uniform stable selenium nanospheres were obstained in the conditions of 1.0 (mass fraction) sodium dodecyl sulfate, 1.0 (mass fraction) polyvinyl alcohol, n(Vc):n(H2SeO3)=7:1 and 7 minutes after the initiation of the reaction at room temperature. The average particle size of selenium is about 30 nm. The product was characterized by UV and TEM. Finally the applications of the red element nanometer selenium in anti-older cosmetics are presented.