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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, S1, Pages S201-S210

Studies of Some Lanthanide(III) Nitrate Complexes of Schiff Base Ligands

Kishor Arora Mukesh Sharma,1 Mukesh Sharma,2 and K. P. Sharma3

1Dept. of Chemistry, Govt. K.R.G. Auto. P.G. College, Gwalior (M.P.), India
2Dept. of Chemistry, G.L.S. College, Banmore, Morena (M.P.), India
3Dept. of Chemistry, S.M.S. Govt. Science College, Gwalior (M.P.), India

Received 17 April 2009; Accepted 10 June 2009

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The studies of 16 new lanthanide(III) nitrate complexes of Schiff base ligands are discussed. Schiff bases were obtained by the condensation of 2–methyl–4–N,N–bis–2' –cyanoethyl aminobenzaldehyde with aniline and 3 different substituted anilines. Lanthanide(III) nitrates, viz. gadolinium(III) nitrate, lanthanum(III) nitrate, samarium(III) nitrate and cerium(III) nitrate were chosen to synthesize new complexes. The complexes were characterized on the basis of physicochemical studies viz. elemental analysis, spectral, viz. IR and electronic spectral and magnetic studies. TGA studies of some of the representative complexes were also done. Some of the representative complexes were also screened for the anti microbial studies.