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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 113-119

Variational Principle Techniques and the Propertiesof a Cut-off and Anharmonic Wave Function

A. N. Ikot,1,2 L. E. Akpabio,1,2 K. Essien,1,2 E. E. Ituen,1,2 and I. B. Obot2

1Department of Physics, University of Uyo, Nigeria
2Department of Chemistry, University of Uyo, Nigeria

Received 23 March 2008; Revised 19 May 2008; Accepted 10 July 2008

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The variational principles are very useful analytical tool for the study of the ground state energy of any dynamical system. In this work, we have evaluated the method and techniques of variational principle to derive the ground state energy for the harmonic, cut-off and anharmonic oscillators with a ground state wave function for a one-body Hamiltonian in three dimensions.