Analysis of aromatic compounds in the New Zealand manuka honey was carried out by solid phase microextraction followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. A total of 38 compounds were detected. Seven of them such as; 1,4-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-but-2-en-1-one, 1,5-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-pent-3-en-1-one, 1,4-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-1-pentanone, 1,6-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-3-heptene, 1,6-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-hex-2(3 or 4)-en-1-one and 2(3, 4 or 5)-hydroxy-1,6-bis(x-methoxyphenyl)-1-hexanone, had never before been identified as natural products. Their structures were deduced from the mass spectral data. Seven other compounds; 2,3-dimethoxynaphthalene, 4-(x-methoxyphenyl)-1-phenyl-1-butanone, desoxyanisoin, 2,6-dimethoxybenzoic acid benzyl ester, 4,4'-dimethoxystilbene, 3,3,4,5,5,8-hexamethyl-2,3,5,6-tetrahydro-s-indacene-1,7-dione and 1,5-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-pentane-1,5-dione, were found in honey for the first time. Methyl syringate, ortho-methoxyacetophenone and 3-phenyllactic acid were the most abundant components.