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Volume 7 |Article ID 963690 | 6 pages |

Synthesis of Nano Conducting Polymer Based Polyaniline and it's Composite: Mechanical Properties, Conductivity and Thermal Studies

Received08 Jun 2009
Accepted05 Aug 2009


Polyaniline (PAn) was prepared chemically in the presence of bronsted acid from aqueous solutions. Polyaniline- nylon 6 composite (termed as PAn/Ny6) prepared via solvent casting method. The preparation conditions were optimized with regard to the mechanical properties of the polymer composite. It was found that the molar ratio of PAn to nylon have the greatest effect in determining the mechanical properties of polymer composite. Electrical conductivity was measured using standard method of four point probe. Spectrophotometric analysis (UV-Vis) was used for investigation of the effect of thermal treatment on polyaniline and it’s composite.

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