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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 8, S1, Pages S509-S515

Reactive Extraction of L (+) Tartaric Acid by Amberlite LA-2 in Different Solvents

I. Inci,1 Y. S. Asçi,1 and A. F. Tuyun2

1Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, İstanbul University, 34320, İstanbul, Turkey
2Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering & Architecture Faculty, Beykent University, Ayazağa, Istanbul, Turkey

Received 4 April 2011; Accepted 7 June 2011

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The extraction of L(+) tartaric acid from aqueous solutions by amberlite LA-2 is a secondary amine mixture in different diluent solvents. Extraction equilibria of L(+) tartaric acid by amberlite LA-2 in 1-octanol, cyclohexane, isooctane, hexane, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) solvents at temperature 298.15 K have been measured. The batch extraction experiments distribution coefficients (D), loading factors ( Z) and extraction efficiency (E) were calculated. The maximum removal of L(+) tartaric acid is 91 % with MIBK and 0.92 mol.L-1 initial concentration of Amberlite LA-2.