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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 517-522

Spectrophotometric and pH-Metric Studies of Ce(III), Dy(III), Gd(III),Yb(III) and Pr(III) Metal Complexes with Rifampicin

A. N. Sonar and N. S. Pawar

Pratap College, Amalner (M.S.), India

Received 9 June 2010; Revised 4 September 2010; Accepted 6 November 2010

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The metal-ligand and proton-ligand stability constant of Ce(III), Dy(III), Gd(III),Yb(III) and Pr(III) metals with substituted heterocyclic drug (Rifampicin) were determined at various ionic strength by pH metric titration. NaClO4 was used to maintain ionic strength of solution. The results obtained were extrapolated to the zero ionic strength using an equation with one individual parameter. The thermodynamic stability constant of the complexes were also calculated. The formation of complexes has been studied by Job’s method. The results obtained were of stability constants by pH metric method is confirmed by Job’s method.