Crystallization and melting behavior of Poly(L-lactic acid)(PLLA)/Talc composites with different talc content were investigated in detail. The addition of talc can increase the overall crystallization rate of PLLA, 5%talc makes the melt-crystallization peak temperature of PLLA increase from 96.28 °C to 105.22 °C, and the crystallization enthalpy increases from 1.379 J•g-1 to 28.99 J•g-1. The melting behavior of PLLA/5%talc composites at a different heating rate during non-isothermal crystallization at different cooling rate shows that heating rate can affect the melting behavior of PLLA, with increasing of heating rate, the double melting peak degenerates to single melting peak. Melting behavior after isothermal crystallization and after cold isothermal crystallization and hot isothermal crystallization indicates that the double-melting peak of PLLA/5%talc composites results from melting-recrystallization.