Table 1: Experimental conditions used for LC-MS/MS analysis of Triphala decoction.

ColumnRP C18 (100 mm   3.9 mm); internal diameter = 5  m


Mobile phases
 BMilliQ water with acetic acid (2%)

Gradient profile
 0–10 min95% B and 5% A
 10-11 min90% B and 10% A
 11–20 min80% B and 20% A
 20-21 min90% B and 10% A
 21 min—end of run100% A

Flow rate800  L/min

Detection wavelength355 nm

Mass spectraNegative ion mode
Fragmentor voltage (V)100
Capillary voltage (V)2500
Nebulizer pressure (psi)30.5
Drying gas temperature (°C)350
scan range100–1500
Gas flow (L/min)6.0
Collision energy (eV)8
Retention Factor (Vpp)150
Transfer time ( s)80
Pre pulse storage ( s)10