Table 3: Functional properties of Agave americana L. leaves powder, inulin extracted from Agaves americana, and commercial inulin obtained by lyophilisation.

ParametersSolubility at 25°C (g/L)WHC
(g of water/g of sample)
(g of oil/g of sample)
(mL of water/g of sample)
Emulsion capacity (%)

Agave powder***14.60 ± 0.66c9.87 ± 0.29b15.20 ± 0.30b17.17 ± 1.04c
Agave inulin73.47 ± 0.14a2.42 ± 0.18b3.26 ± 0.59a1.99 ± 0.13a14.48 ± 0.23a
Commercial Inulin113.68 ± 4.14b1.59 ± 0.02a3.47 ± 0.03a1.08 ± 0.01a21.42 ± 0.70b

Means in the same column with different letters are significantly different ( ).
WHC: water holding capacity, OHC: oil holding capacity, SP: swelling power.