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Blending Influence on the Conversion Efficiency of the Cogasification Process of Corn Stover and Coal

Table 1

Normal operating parameters of a downdraft gasifier [12].

Fuel propertiesValueGasifier operating conditionsValue

Carbon (%)39.6Throat diameter (cm)94.0
Hydrogen (%)6.7Throat angle (°)90.0
Oxygen (%)52.1Insulation thickness (cm)0
Nitrogen (%)1.59Thermal conductivity (W/cm K)0.87
Fixed carbon (%)19.3Temperature of input air (K)293
Bulk density (kg/m3)0.25Air input (kg/hr)44.5
Diameter of particle (cm)1.0Heat loss (%)12.8
Moisture content (%)8.7Feed input (kg/hr)40
Maximum gasifier temperature (°C)1200