Table 1: Previous studies of uptake of dyes using adsorbents based on agricultural solid wastes.

AdsorbentsDyes (mg/g)References

Almond shell activated carbon at 750°CMethylene blue1.33[37]
Peanut hullSunset yellow13.99[38]
Waste apricot activated carbonMethylene blue102.04[39]
Treated coconut male flowers carbonsCrystal violet60.42[40]
Jute fiberEosin yellow31.489[41]
Wheat branMalachite green66.57[33]
Coconut coir pithDirect Red 12B76.3[42]
Rice huskIndigo carmine29.2799[43]
Neem sawdustMalachite green4.35[44]
Thespesia populnea pods activated carbonOrange G dye9.129[45]
Kenaf fiber charMethylene blue18.18[46]
Quaternized flax shiveReactive red 228190.0[47]
Modified kenaf core fibersReactive orange416.86This work