Journal of Chemistry / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Diversity of 4-Chloro-2-nitrophenol-Degrading Bacteria in a Waste Water Sample

Table 1

Showing degradation of various concentrations of 4-chloro-2-nitrophenol by the eighteen bacteria.

Serial number StrainProposed bacterial name based on the 16S rRNA gene sequencing Isolation sourceThe 4C2NP concentration where strain can be completely transformed

1 Strain PC-1Bacillus cereus Contaminated soil1.0 mM
2Strain PC-2Bacillus toyonensis Contaminated soil0.9 mM
3Strain PC-3Bacillus thuringiensis Contaminated soil1.0 mM
4Strain PC-4Bacillus firmusContaminated soil0.8 mM
5Strain PC-5 Bacillus koreensis Contaminated soil0.6 mM
6Strain PC-6Bacillus megaterium Contaminated soil1.5 mM
7Strain PC-7Bacillus aryabhattai Contaminated soil2.0 mM
8Strain PC-8Bacillus aerophilus Contaminated soil0.6 mM
9Strain PC-9Bacillus siamensis Contaminated soil0.8 mM
10Strain PC-10Bacillus amyloliquefaciensContaminated soil0.9 mM
11Strain PC-11 Paenibacillus massiliensisContaminated soil0.7 mM
12Strain PC-12Paenibacillus kribensisContaminated soil0.6 mM
13Strain PC-13Paenibacillus kribensisContaminated soil 0.5 mM
14Strain PC-14Paenibacillus terraeContaminated soil0.5 mM
15Strain PC-15Leuconostoc citreumContaminated soil0.5 mM
16Strain PC-16Pseudomonas liniContaminated soil0.8 mM
17 Strain PC-17Pseudomonas palleronianaContaminated soil0.9 mM
18Strain PC-18 Pseudomonas extremorientalisContaminated soil0.6 mM