Journal of Chemistry / 2017 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Assessment of Near-Bottom Water Quality of Southwestern Coast of Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia: A Multivariate Statistical Approach

Table 5

Summary of coastal water quality in Malaysia.

AreaSalinity (ppt)Temp. (°C)DO (mg/L)pHTurbidity (NTU)Chl-a (mg/m3)-N (mg/L)-N (mg/L)-N (mg/L)TP (mg/L)IP (mg/L)Reference

Pulau Tuba, Langkawi33.1–34.027.4–29.53.8–6.57.7–8.2ND5.67–12.4ND0.001–0.0040.002–0.027ND0.000–0.001[3]
Port Dickson29.7–30.028.6–28.95.5–6.68.2–8.3NDND0.12–0.18ND0.01–0.05ND0.06–0.09[4]
Northeast of Penang IslandNDND3.7–4.97.5–8.021.4–1750.8NDNDND0.30–0.500.088–0.199ND[29]
Southwestern of Sarawak23.0–31.726.2–36.04.5–6.17.2–8.65.4–793.70.1–3.50.015–0.0880.002–0.0250.031–0.1800.013–0.1300.006–0.025Present study

The value was converted from μg/L to mg/L. The value was converted from mg PO4/L to mg P/L. ND: not determined.