Table 3: Mean difference of in situ and ex situ water quality parameters between the main river of the Batang Baram and its tributaries.

ParameterMean difference value

In situTemperature, °C0.70.050
Conductivity, µS/cm16.20.000
DOsat, %−0.20.915
DO, mg/L+0.20.000
Turbidity, NTU+132.00.000
Transparency, m0.40.000

Ex situChl a, mg/m32.60.048
TSS, mg/L+120.70.000
BOD5, mg/L+0.50.026
COD, mg/L−8.30.474
TP, mg/L+0.40.002
TAN, mg/L+0.10.497
-N, mg/L0.0060.006
-N, mg/L+0.0070.169
Org-N, mg/L+0.30.093
H2S, mg/L+0.10.000

Positive value of mean difference indicates parameter studied was higher in the main river of Batang Baram whereas negative value indicates parameter studied was higher in the tributary. The significant difference at value ≤ 0.05 was indicated in bold.