Table 1: Cloud web services functional description.

Web serviceFunctionality description

Application DetailsAll services provide data through web service to respective department
PendingServiceSelectSelected service-wise pending application list
UpdateServiceStatusUpdate service status
DistrictSelectAll Gujarat State District in Gujarati and Eng. name
TalukaSelectAll Taluka in Gujarati and Eng. name
VillageSelectAll Village in Gujarati and Eng. name
All citizen information and reports through web service with photo and thumbLightweight application requires only data through web service that is compatible with typical devices like web cam, biometrics, scanner, and printer (no data store locally). Get complete details of citizen. (no data store locally) print reports (no data store locally)
getUser ID_with_DisposeTokenAuthorize user through web service
getUserComplete UserInformation so display user details gujarat portal filter data respective user district, Taluka
GetFamilyDetailVerify selected BPL family central database through web service
Search_Card_Village_WiseVerify selected BPL family central database through web service
ElectionCardByPartVerify selected Voter Name and IDCARDNo. central database through web service (currntly only for Gandhinagar District)
Seald AuthorityGujarat circle pension case file and pension received pension at Rajasthan circle that get pension details of Gujarat circle through web service
Web Entry Data PopulateSearch based on criteria (token no., retirement date, pensioner's name, division, office, birth date, pension type). Return pending case detail for inward from web entry module
GetFamilyDetailByFormnoReturn all BPL family with FamilyID of selected village
GetVillageListReturn all BPL family with FamilyID of selected village
DeviceUpload thumb impression and Photo to database server
Document, RegisterDocumentThis service is used to insert update registration document details
ReportsAll reports of gARVI through web service for smart client
UserInfoUser information
MasterGet master file
ConfigParamDynamic system parameter like stamp duty
Gujarat Portal Service for Index 2Register document no. with year and sub registrar office (SRO) OfficeID
getDepartmentsList of department with IDs
getOfficesByApplicationGive application-wise office list
getOfficesByDeptGive department-wise office list
getUserGive details of user with office and role
getUserByApplicationGive details of application user
getUser ID_with_DisposeTokenGive user token and dispose the token
getUserWorkareaGive work area and levels of user
getUsersByApplicationGive list of application users
isValidUserAuthenticate only valid user for application, if not valid then return error code
BillStatusLinked with gujarat portal services
GetRequestRoRFor getting record of rights (RoR) from client server application RoR-VF7/12, VF8a
UploadRoRXML to be inserted to central server
AuthorizationValidate userID at district, Taluka
GetRoRDataTo use data of land records
GetRegDataSending registration data from portal to employment exchange database
Get Gujarat portal applicationsApplication received at portal—transfer to JSK application for further process
Different functionalities for printing record of rights (ROR) using smart client applicationData access through web service from client to central server and vice versa
GetAddresslocationCapture address details from form
GetAddressDoorno/Flatno, Housename/no, locality
GetContactDetailsGet H.No, mobile phone, land phone, emailid
UserLoginUser location and role/access permissions
GetBeneficiaryDetailsBeneficiary name, gender, social status, date of birth, income, native village, district, physical status, parents names, thumb and photo, aadhaarid
GetStudentStatusStudent scholarhip status
SendScholarshipDataSend data to bank server securely
FeedbackStore entire feedback in database
FeedbackReplyStore reply feedback in database and generate unique ID
SendemailFetch message and send message to the citizen through email
SendsmsFetch message and send message to the citizen through SMS
FeedbackReportReport the feedback on such service for that district for the period
MessagingServiceCapture address details, message details, and timestamp
LanguageSelectRender all the parameters of parametric file in local language
RenderMapShow location in map for that service
BackupStore the transaction data of that service for that period in the specified file
RecoverRecovery of transaction data of that service into respective tables for the specified period
FinancialInclusionCapture bank account details of the beneficiary
CapturePersonDetailsCapture permanent data of person
CaptureFamilyDetailsCapture family details from form
Get, welfareDetailsPerson details and welfare schemes details
GetHealthStatusGet health records and history
TrackFamilyShow parents details
PerformanceAttendanceDetails of beneficiaries who availed the service during that period in that location
EpidemicAlertGenerate alerts to the stake holders in the location and neighbourhood
LandOwnershipOwner name, owner ID, property size, and market value
LoanOnLandMortgage details if any, financial institution details
KisanCreditCardBeneficiary name, gender, social status, date of birth, income, native village, district, physical status, parents names, thumb and photo, aadhaarid, kisancreditid, and property ownership details
InputsInputs benefits issue status
AgriMachineryRequestCapture request details from form/SMS
AgriMachineryStatusAvailability status
AgriCummodityAvailabilityCommodity availability status captured from form or SMS
AgriCommodityRequestCapture customer and commodity details from SMS or form
alert agrimarket transactionSend SMS to producer and customer about interested commodities