Research Article

Prioritizing Signaling Information Transmission in Next Generation Networks

Table 1

Description of experiments and scenarios.
(a) Experiments

Experiment 1Experiment 2Experiment 3

Cause of congestionOverloadOverloadOverload
Localization of congestionNetworkB→C&D→FNetwork

(b) Scenarios

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4

QoSa ModelBest effortDiffServbDiffServbDiffServb

Service classPriority level

Telephony (EXPc)112
Multimedia Streaming (CBRd)No priority223
Standard (FTPe) 344
Signaling (SIPf)31

aQoS: quality of service; bDiffServ: differentiated service; cEXP: exponential; dCBR: constant bit rate; eFTP: file transfer protocol; fSIP: session initiation protocol.