Table 5: Activities of the monitoring phase.


AssetMonitor AssetIdentify New Asset-Identify New Treats-Identify New Vulnerabilities

Security PolicyReview Human Information Security PolicyReview All Procedure (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)
Review Logical Information Security PolicyReview All Procedure (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)
Review physical Information Security PolicyReview All Procedure (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)

ImplementationMonitor Physical ImplementationTest Earthing Hole-Test Physical Access Control-Test Fire Control-Test UPS-Test Camera-Test Wireless-Test Hardware Security Tools-Test Cabling-Test 2 and 3 Layer Tools-Test Server Room-Test Server Side-Test Client Side
Monitor Logical ImplementationTest Availability-Test Reliability-Test Redundancy-Test Software Security Tools-Test Network Topology-Test Backup-Test Protocol-Test Switching-Test Logical Access Control-Test Zoning-Test Naming-Test Domain-Test Network Services-Test Platform-Test Communication Services-Test Software Framework Security-Test Source Security
Monitor Human ImplementationTest Training Program-Test Human events Procedure
Report Physical Implementation MonitoringReport All Monitoring (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)
Report Logical Implementation MonitoringReport All Monitoring (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)
Report Human Implementation MonitoringReport All Monitoring (monthly-seasonally-semesterly-yearly)

Configuration and Change ManagementManage Change RequestsSubmit Change Request-Update Change Request-Review Change Request-Confirm Duplicate or Rejected CR

Project ManagementMonitor and Control ProjectMonitor Project Status-Schedule and Assign Work-Report Status-Handle Exceptions and Problems
Manage IterationAcquire Staff-Initiate Iteration-Assess Iteration
Evaluate Project Scope and RiskIdentify and Assess Risks-Develop Business Case
Close-Out ProjectPrepare for Project Close-Out
Plan for Next IterationDevelop Iteration Plan-Develop Business Case