Table 4: Mobile WiMAX simulator parameters.

Parameter Value

Carrier frequency 2.3 GHz
Channel bandwidth 10 MHz
FFT length 1024
Subcarrier frequency spacing 10.94 kHz
Frame length 5 ms (48 OFDMA symbols)
Guard interval 1/8
DL subcarrier permutation scheme PUSC DL
Number of active DL subcarriers 840
Number of subchannels 30 DL/35 UL
Data subcarriers per subchannel 24
OFDMA data symbols 22 DL/15 UL
DL capacity 330 slots
DL/UL ratio 60/40

MAC SDU size 815 bytes
ARQ block size 32 bytes
MAC PDU size max 200 bytes
PDU packing No
SDU fragmentation Yes
QoS scheduling UGS
Block rearrangement No
ARQ feedback type Selective-ACK
ARQ retry timeout 4 frames
ARQ block lifetime 0–90 ms
Max no. retransmissions 4