Table 1: Resource scheduling and radio frequency configuration in the LTE test base station.

Parameter Configuration

MIMO configuration 2 × 2
Channel bandwidth 10 MHz
Reference signal power −60 dBm/15 kHz
Noise power −67 to −73 dBm/15 KHz
Max HARQ retransmissions 3
RLC transmission mode UM
RLC sequence number size 5
PDCP discard policy No discard
PDCP sequence number size 7
Peak PDSCH bandwidth 120 Kbps
Resource allocation Periodic, 5 ms
Modulation 16QAM
MCS (mod.& coding index) 13
PHICH duration Normal
PHICH resources 1/6
Number of PDCCH symbols 1
Specific aggregation level 2
Fading profile EPA5