Journal of Computer Networks and Communications / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

A Regulation-Based Security Evaluation Method for Data Link in Wireless Sensor Network

Table 2

Description of defense methods against threats.

IDDefense methodUsed against Threat ( IV.A)

ASequence numbers in each message1; 2; 3; 4
BTime Stamp of the sending time1; 4; 6
CTimeout for reception windows2; 6
DSource and destination identifiers in each message3
EFeedback messages (ack messages) 3; 7; 9
FIdentification procedure about the members identity before a single transmission or at system boot3; 7
GSafety Code in messages (es.CRC)5
HCryptographic techniques5; 7
IRedundancy, that is, message periodic replication1; 2; 3; 4; 5
JMembership control: members monitor each other to discover malfunctions. Exception code handling is performed in positive case.8
KAtomic Broadcast: transmissions are broadcasted to all target nodes in the same order8
LTime-Triggered architecture: messages are scheduled also with a time-priority handler1; 2; 4; 5; 8; 6; 10
MBus Guardian: access to the transmission channel is controlled by a hardware that avoids simultaneous access.1
NPrioritization of messages: prioritization of messages based on their content-type8; 6
OInhibit messages: transmitted messages can’t be re-transmitted before a timeout period 1; 6; 8
PHamming Distance scheme application to node address and message identifiers3; 7