Research Article

Automated Design of an FDI System for the Wind Turbine Benchmark

Table 1

Signals in the wind turbine system.

Signal Description

𝑣 𝑤 Wind speed
𝑣 𝑤 , 𝑚 Wind speed measurement
𝛽 𝑟 Pitch angle reference
𝛽 𝑚 Pitch angle measurement
𝜔 𝑟 Angular rotor speed
𝜔 𝑟 , 𝑚 Angular rotor speed measurement
𝜔 𝑔 Generator rotor speed
𝜔 𝑔 , 𝑚 Generator rotor speed measurement
𝜏 𝑟 Rotor torque
𝜏 𝑔 Generator torque
𝜏 𝑔 , 𝑟 Generator torque reference
𝜏 𝑔 , 𝑚 Generator torque measurement
𝑃 𝑟 Power reference
𝑃 𝑔 Generator power