Table 2: Associations between variations in the CST gene at SNPs rs2267161 and T2D. Associations were estimated using logistic regression and expressed as odds ratios (ORs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs).

Category (covariates)Genotype C/CGenotype C/TGenotype T/T
ORsCIsp (C/T versus C/C)ORsCIsp (T/T versus C/C)

Men and women (age)11.471.01–2.150.0470.880.48–1.620.68
Men and women (age, BMI)11.501.01–2.240.0450.850.45–1.600.61
Men and women (age, exercise level)11.591.07–2.350.020.900.48–1.690.74
Men and women (age, Sulfatid)11.440.98––1.580.61
Men and women (age, HOMA-IR)11.320.80––1.490.34