Research Article

Rosiglitazone Prevents High Glucose-Induced Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Collagen IV Expression in Cultured Mesangial Cells

Figure 4

Rosiglitazone prevented high glucose-induced VEGF expression . Mesangial cells were placed in 5.6 mM (NG) or 25 mM (HG) D-glucose for the indicated times or pretreated with PPAR agonists (10  M Ciglitazone, or 10  M Troglitazone, or 10  M RGS) for 1 hour. (a) VEGF mRNA levels were detected by real-time PCR ( , versus NG, versus HG). (b) Pretreatment with three different PPAR agonists similarly blocked HG-induced VEGF expression at 48 hours as detected by immunobloting ( , versus NG, versus HG). (c) Rosiglitazone alone prevented HG-induced VEGF expression at both 24 hours and 48 hours as detected by immunoblotting in total cell lysates using -actin as the loading control. The graphs represent VEGF protein levels relative to NG ( , versus NG, versus HG). (d) GW9662 reverses the effect of RSG, ( , versus NG without RSG or GW9662 , versus NG without RSG or GW9662).