Research Article

Rosiglitazone Prevents High Glucose-Induced Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Collagen IV Expression in Cultured Mesangial Cells

Figure 8

Effects of Compound C on AMP kinase activity and VEGF in high glucose . Mesangial cells were exposed to 5.6 mM (NG) or 25 mM (HG) for 3 hours, and then pretreated with 10  M rosiglitazone (RSG) or 50  M compound C (CPC), or combination of both, for 1 hour. Total AMP kinase (T-AMPK), phosphorylated AMPK (P-AMPK) and VEGF were detected in the same total cell lysate samples with immunoblotting. CPC inhibited phosphorylation of AMPK in NG and HG, but had no effect on the inhibition of VEGF expression in HG. RSG had no effect on P-AMPK. ( , versus VEGF in NG, versus VEGF in HG 3 hours without RSG or CPC, versus P-AMPK in HG 3 hours without RSG or CPC).