Table 1: Blood concentrations of CRP (mg/mL), IgA (μg/mL), IgM (μg/mL), C3 (μg/mL), CINC- (pg/mL), MIP-3 (pg/mL), L-selectin (pg/mL), IL-1ra (pg/mL), IL-10 (pg/mL), and VEGF- (pg/mL) in non-exercised controls, non-exercised diabetics, exercised control, and exercised diabetic rats measured before, immediately after, and 2 and 24 hours after exercise. Values are presented as mean ± SD of 7 animals per group.

0IA2 h24 h0IA2 h24 h

CRP (mg/mL)
C3 (μg/mL)
IgM (μg/mL)
IgA (μg/mL)
CINC-2αβ (pg/mL)
MIP-3α (pg/mL)