Research Article

Protective Effects of Resveratrol on TNF- -Induced Endothelial Cytotoxicity in Baboon Femoral Arterial Endothelial Cells

Figure 2

Effect of resveratrol on BAEC proliferation with or without TNF- for 24 h. Resveratrol (0.1–100  M) highly significantly enhanced EC proliferation after 24 h incubation in the optimal range of 10–50  M (a). TNF- (10 ng/mL) inhibited endothelial cell proliferation, while cotreatment with resveratrol (1–50  M) reversed inhibition by TNF- (b). BAECs were pretreated with resveratrol for 24 h then treated with TNF- for 4 h; pretreatment with resveratrol ameliorated TNF- -induced inhibition (c). BAECs were treated with TNF- for 4 h then incubated with resveratrol for 24 h; posttreatment with resveratrol ameliorated TNF- -induced inhibition (d). Data are expressed as a percentage of basal value (100%) and are the mean SEM from seven independent experiments, each conducted in quintuplicate. * , ** versus control and & ; and && versus TNF- alone.
(a) RSV treatment 
(b) RSV/TNF cotreatment
(c) RSV pretreatment
(d) RSV post-treatment