Research Article

Association of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products Gene Polymorphisms and Circulating RAGE Levels with Diabetic Retinopathy in the Chinese Population

Figure 2

Influence of RAGE G82S genotypes on sRAGE. All diabetic subjects with the G/G genotype had significantly higher sRAGE concentrations than those with G/S genotype and S/S genotype (bonferroni adjustment , (a)). sRAGE concentrations in DR subjects with the S/S genotype were higher than in NDR subjects with the S/S genotype ( ). DR subjects with the G/S genotype had lower sRAGE levels than DR subjects with the G/G and S/S genotypes after adjusting for the duration of diabetes, FPG, 2hPG, LDL, and HbA1c (Bonferroni adjustment ). Note: error bars: 95% CI.