Figure 1: Obesity, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, and hypoadiponectinemia in mice. (a) Prior to diet change of a moderately high-fat diet at 12 weeks, were significantly heavier than KK-a/a control animals. After 3 weeks on modified diet, KK-a/a control animals became obese, but never reached the same level as ( ). (b) Throughout the study, glycated hemoglobin was elevated in mice (compared to KK-a/a controls, ). KK-a/a mice maintain normal long-term glucose homeostasis. Hyperglycemic uninephrectomized ( + Unx) animals had lower HbA1c than birenal KK- ( ). (c) All had elevated insulin, but greater hyperinsulinemia was evident in the + Unx group, where insulin increased progressively throughout the study. (d) Consistent with obesity, all mice had lower adiponectin levels at 16 weeks of age, which were further decreased by 26 weeks. The observed decline in adiponectin levels in KK-a/a Unx and high-fat diet between 22–26 weeks was not statistically different from the KK-a/a control. The + Unx adiponectin levels were significantly lower than binephric mice.