Table 1: QTLs involved in glucose intolerance in SDT rats.

QTLChr.PositionaTraitbInheritance modeCross

Gisdt1 1D1Mit3 PostprandialRecessive(BN × SDT) × SDT
Gisdt2 2D2Got147 PostprandialRecessive(BN × SDT) × SDT
Gisdt3 XDXWox20 PostprandialX-linked(BN × SDT) × SDT
Dmsdt1 3D3Mit12 PostprandialDominant, additive(F344 × SDT) F2
Dmsdt2 8D8Rat46 Fasting, PostprandialRecessive(F344 × SDT) F2
Dmsdt3 13D13Arb5 FastingRecessive(F344 × SDT) F2
Dmsdt4 14D14Arb18 PostprandialAdditive(F344 × SDT) F2

aThe SSLP markers which are the closest to maximum peaks of QTLs are shown.
bPostprandial: postprandial blood glucose levels, fasting: fasting blood glucose levels.
Seven highly significant QTLs (Gisdt1, Gisdt2, Gisdt3, Dmsdt1, Dmsdt2, Dmsdt3, and Dmsdt4) for glucose intolerance have been identified in SDT rats. The table is summarized from [2527].