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Effects of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists on Weight Loss in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of the studies included in the network meta-analysis.

NumberStudy IDInvestigational treatmentsSizeTherapy durationBaseline information
AgeCourse of T2D

1Apovian CM, 2010EX10BID, placebo1422454.85.57.6
2Arnolds S, 2010EX10BID, placebo, and sitagliptin48456.55.58.2
3Barnett AH, 2007EX10BID, insulin2761654.97.49
4Bergenstal R, 2009EX10BID, insulin2482452.28.510.2
5Bunck MC, 2009EX10BID, insulin695258.34.97.5
6Buse JB, 2004EX5BID, EX10BID, and placebo37730556.38.6
7Buse JB, 2011EX10BID, placebo2593059128.4
8DURATION-1, Drucker DJ, 2008EX10BID, EX2QW29530556.58.3
9DURATION-2, Bergenstal RM, 2010EX2QW, sitagliptin, and TZD4912652.568.6
10DURATION-3, Diamant M, 2012EX2QW, insulin46684587.98.3
11DURATION-4, Russell-JonesD, 2012EX2QW, sitagliptin, Met, and TZD8202653.82.78.5
12DURATION-6, Buse JB, 2013EX2QW, LIR1.880226578.5
13Davies M, 2013EX2QW, insulin1942658.58.4
14Davies MJ, 2009EX10BID, insulin2042656.58.78.6
15Davis SN, 2007EX10BID, insulin451653118.1
16DeFronzo RA, 2005EX5BID, EX10BID, and placebo33630535.88.2
17DeFronzo RA, 2010EX10BID, TZD8820564.77.8
18Derosa G, 2010EX10BID, SU1165256.58.9
19Derosa G, 2011EX10BID, SU1015255.58.8
20Derosa G, 2012EX10BID, placebo1714857.07.78.0
21Forst T, 2012LIR1.8, placebo401255.13.86.3
22Gallwitz B, 2011EX10BID, insulin354265757.9
23Gallwitz B, EUREXA, 2012EX10BID, SU386234565.8
24Gao Y, 2009EX10BID, placebo4661654.588.3
25Harder H, 2004LIR0.6, placebo338604.17.5
26Heine RJ, 2005EX10BID, insulin5352658.99.68.2
27Inagaki N, 2012EX2QW, insulin4262656.769.038.5
28Iwamoto K, 2009EX2QW, placebo19105867.4
29Ji LN, 2013EX10BID, EX2QW5742655
30Kadowaki T, 2009EX5BID, placebo, and EX10BID1141260.311.88
31Kadowaki T, 2011EX5BID, EX10BID, and placebo1782458.4128.2
32Kaku K, 2010LIR0.9, LIR0.6, and placebo2645259.710.38.4
33Kendall DM, 2005EX5BID, EX10BID, and placebo7333055.38.98.5
34Kim D, 2007EX2QW, placebo 29155458.5
35LEAD-1 Marre M, 2009LIR1.2, LIR0.6, LIR1.8, TZD, and placebo10412656.16.58.4
36LEAD-2 Nauck M, 2009LIR1.2, LIR0.6, LIR1.8, SU, and placebo1077104577.98.4
37LEAD-3 Garder A, 2011LIR1.2, LIR1.8, and SU733104535.48.3
38LEAD-4 Zinman B, 2009LIR1.2, LIR1.8, and placebo533265598.5
39LEAD-5 Russell-Jones D, 2009LIR1.8, insulin, and placebo5762657.69.48.3
40LEAD-6-Buse JB, 2009EX10BID, LIR1.84642656.78.2
41Liutkus J, 2010EX10BID, placebo1652654.76.48.2
42Moretto TJ, 2008EX5BID, EX10BID, and placebo232245427.8
43NCT00620282, 2011LIR1.8, SU, and placebo471258.56.87.2
44NCT00701935, 2013EX10BID, placebo752458.257.9
45Nauck MA, 2007EX10BID, insulin5015258.59.98.6
46Pratley R, 2011LIR1.2, LIR1.8, and sitagliptin6445255.36.28.4
47Seino Y, 2008LIR0.6, LIR0.9, and placebo135145788.3
48Seino Y, 2010LIR0.9, SU4005258.38.38.9
49Yang W, 2011LIR0.6, LIR1.2, LIR1.8, and SU9071653.37.58.5
50Yuan GH, 2012EX10BID, Met592650.5<1 month8.2
51Zinman B, 2007EX10BID, and placebo233165687.9

Note: LEAD: liraglutide effect and action in diabetes; DURATION: diabetes therapy utilization: researching changes in HbA1c, weight, and other factors through intervention with exenatide once weekly; EX5BID: exenatide 5 μg twice daily; EX10BID: exenatide 10 μg twice daily; EX2QW: exenatide 2 mg once weekly; LIR0.6: liraglutide 0.6 mg once daily; LIR0.9: liraglutide 0.9 mg once daily; LIR1.2: liraglutide 1.2 mg once daily; LIR1.8: liraglutide 1.8 mg once daily; SU: sulfonylureas; TZD: thiazolidinediones; Met: metformin. —: unavailable information.

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