Research Article

Influence of Melatonin on the Proliferative and Apoptotic Responses of the Prostate under Normal and Hyperglycemic Conditions

Figure 5

Tissue localization of melatonin receptor type 1B (MTR1B) in the ventral prostate of rats. (a) Short-term control (C1); (b) short-term control treated with MLT (M1); (c) short-term untreated diabetic (D1); (d) short-term diabetic treated with MLT (MD1); (e) long-term control (C2); (f) long-term control treated with MLT (M2); (g) long-term untreated diabetic (D2); (h) long-term diabetic treated with MLT (MD2). (i) Negative control; (j) positive control, brain tissue section of rat. (k) Relative frequency (%) for MTR1B-positive areas. e: epithelium; l: lumen; s: stroma. Magnification: 400x, bar = 25 μm. Light bars: short-term experiment and dark bars: long-term experiment ( animals/group). Different lowercase letters indicate significant differences between experimental groups C1, M1, D1, and MD1 (nonparametric data), and different capital letters indicate significant differences between groups C2, M2, D2, and MD2 (parametric data), according to ANOVA followed by the Tukey (post hoc) or Kruskal-Wallis test followed by Dunn’s test (post hoc).