Journal of Diabetes Research / 2016 / Article / Fig 3

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The Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau and Its Relevance for Pancreatic Beta Cells

Figure 3

(a) Bacterial expression of MAPT isoform (3RD-MAPT3, 381aa). Ni-NTA purified human recombinant His-tagged MAPT visualized by Coomassie Blue staining (upper panel). The immunoblotting of recombinantly produced MAPT in BL21 E. coli visualized by the pan MAPT specific Ab (lower panel). (b) Overexpression of 3RD-MAPT3 in Rin-5F cells. The immunoblotting of MAPT overexpressing Rin-5F cell line versus Empty Rin-5F cell line using a pan MAPT specific Ab. Densitometric measurements showed 10-fold stable overexpression of MAPT in the transgenic cell line.