Table 2: Program modifications to improve usability based on end-user feedback.

Observed challengesActions/strategies to address challenges

Lower computer literacy skills overallCreating technical assistance tools for various stages of the program. Greater promotion of mobile phone interface and use of app for English speakers

Need for additional guidance to complete the sign-up process independentlyGreater promotion of using Omada support staff for assistance. Creating technical assistance tools, that is, video tutorial, handouts with screenshots, and instructions for accessing the sign-up website and completing the account setup process

Need for additional participant communication about each step in the sign-up process Modifying notification schedule to remind participants more often about where they were in the sign-up process and the expected launch date of the group cohort

Difficulty logging in to the program after signing upMore outreach from the program staff to help participants at the early stage

Desire for more connection with peers in the cohortOffering a conference call session at the beginning of the program to get group members oriented and connected to one another offline