Research Article

The Effect of Tianmai Xiaoke Pian on Insulin Resistance through PI3-K/AKT Signal Pathway

Figure 1

Blood glucose and insulin in the three groups. (a) The fasting blood glucose in three groups at 2 weeks. The fasting blood glucose was measured every 2 weeks in the experimental procedure. There was significant decrease in fasting blood glucose after TMXKP treatment compared with the untreated diabetic group. (b) The OGTT at 8 weeks. OGTT was measured at the end of experiment. We could observe a decrease in glucose at all the time points. (c) The AUC of three groups. The AUC was calculated as 1/4 × (BG0) + 1/2 × (BG30) + 3/4 × (BG60) + 1/2 × (BG120). All glucose values were the result of the OGTT. (d) HOMA-IR value of three groups at 8 weeks, which was selected to evaluated insulin resistance. After treatment with TMXKP, insulin resistance was improved.