Table 3: Baseline measures of complete cases analyzed by group ().

VariableIntervention groupControl group value

Weight (kg), mean (SD)67.4(11.6)65.5(10.1)
BMI (kg/m2), mean (SD)26.32(3.5)25.66(3.6)
BMI category (kg/m2), n (%)
 ≥23 to <255(19.2)7(35.0)
Waist circumference (cm), mean (SD) 83.6(10.5)83.1(11.1)
Men, number (%)
 ≤85 cm2(16.7)6(54.55)
 ≥85 cm10(83.3)5(45.45)
Women, number (%)
 ≤80 cm8(57.14)6(66.67)
 ≥80 cm6(42.86)3(33.33)
Hemoglobin A1c (mmol/mL), mean (SD)39(3.8)37.7(3.7)
Hemoglobin A1c (%), mean (SD)5.7(0.37)5.6(0.34)
Diabetes classification, n (%)
 <39 mmol/mol11(42.3)14(70.0)
 ≥39 to <48 mmol/mol15(57.7)6(30.0)
Blood pressure (mmHg), mean (SD)
 Systolic blood pressure119(12.6)126.3(16.6)
 Diastolic blood pressure77.5(7.7)126.3(8.8)
Physical activity and nutrition: mean (SD)
 HPLP II physical activity subscale2.11(0.86)2.11(0.69)
 HPLP II nutrition subscale2.67(0.46)2.92(0.41)

-test, -square test.