Figure 5: In vivo and ex vivo detection of AF680 labelled rMBL 24 hours postinjection. (a) Fluorescent and spectral unmixing images representing one mouse in each group exhibiting distribution of labelled rMBL 24 hours postinjection (dorsal view). (b) Region of interest (ROI) quantification of detected fluorescent signal from diabetic C57BL/6J MBL/DKO mice + AF680 rMBL (), diabetic mice + PBS (), nondiabetic mice + AF680 rMBL (), and nondiabetic mice + PBS () given in average radiant efficiency. (c) Ex vivo fluorescent and spectral unmixing images representation of the left and right kidneys from one mouse in each group. (d) ROI quantification of detected fluorescence in the right and left kidneys of mice in each group as in (b) with values given in average radiant efficiency. Scale bars are given in radiant efficiency. Statistical tests are indicated in the figure when significant (, ). The experiment was repeated five times with comparable results.