Research Article

db/db Mice Exhibit Features of Human Type 2 Diabetes That Are Not Present in Weight-Matched C57BL/6J Mice Fed a Western Diet

Figure 6

Livers from db/db mice displayed enhanced expression of glucose 6-phosphatase, acetyl Co-A carboxylase, and elevated acyl glycerol content when compared with livers from WD-fed mice. Relative mRNA abundance of the G6pc (a), Pck1 (b), Acaca (c), Fasn (d), Scd1 (e), Hsd11b1 (g), and Hsd11b2 (h) genes in the liver tissue from either C57BL/6J mice fed either Western diet for 20 weeks (black panels) or 14-week-old db/db mice (gray panels). Acyl glycerol content (f) was quantified using 30 mg of liver tissue from either Western diet-fed C57BL/6J mice (20 weeks on diet; black panels) or 14-week-old db/db mice (gray panels). per group. Data are represented as means ± SEM. ; .